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How to Adopt Maine Coon Kittens/ Cats
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1. Check cats available

Head on over to our find a pet service. Here you can filter your search by age, gender and temperament. As well as whether they are good indoor or outdoor cats and whether they can live with other animals or children.


2. Complete an application form

Once you’ve found your perfect furry friend and everyone is happy that your chosen cat or kitten is the right one for you. Fill the application form and send to us, then will let you know whether you’re a match. Get your fingers crossed!


4. Arrange a visit/ delivery

We will then arrange a home visit so that they can give you tips on maine coons. We offer advise on environment, food and toys, and give any tips on caring for your kitten. We then arrange for a courier or collect your new cat.

We are a Closed Cattery

“By Closed Cattery”, we mean that we do not permit visitors to our Cattery. That means we DO NOT allow pending Purrever Families to come visit. This is for the safety of the kittens we have in our Nursery and our own, especially during peak Flu & Covid Seasons. Thank you for your understanding.


A non refundable deposit of $325.00 via PayPal, Zelle, Money Order or Bank Transfer is required to reserve a Kitten.
Kittens must be paid for in full by 12 weeks of age.
Early payments are accepted
Kittens must be picked up by 12 weeks of age

Finding the Perfect Pet!

Adopt a cat FAQs

We breed for health and temperment. Our Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Kittens are raised in our bedroom and handled from birth. They are socialized with other cats, 6 children and 2 dogs so they are well adjusted and will easily adapt to their new Purrever Homes!

If you’re looking to rehome a cat with Kerry’s Maine Coon Cattery, you might have many unanswered questions. Hopefully we’ve answered some of them in our FAQs.
If you’d like to discuss anything else, please contact us.

Kittens for Adoption with Kerry’s Cattery

Kittens for adoption with Kerry’s Maine Coon Cattery
Looking to adopt a kitten? Kittens arrive at our cattery from various places and with varying needs – from those that have been abandoned to those that are born in our care if their mother is a stray.

While kittens can be cute to look at, they need additional care and patience from their owners. They are likely to be more energetic than older cats too – something worth thinking about before you consider kittens for adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I adopt a kitten or cat?

Adopting a cat with Kerry’s Maine Coon Cattery is a three-step process. First, you’ll need to find a pet amongst our available cats or kittens. Then, you’ll be contacted by one of our breeders and they’ll take you through the process of meeting the cat and adopting them. You can find out more about choosing a cat in our guide.

Can We Visit the Kittens?

We are a Closed Cattery, we do not permit visitors to our Cattery. That means we DO NOT allow pending Purrever Families to come visit. This is for the safety of the kittens we have in our Nursery and our own, especially during peak Flu & Covid Seasons. Thanks for understanding.

Maine Coon Adoption Price?
Average $900 – $2000 USD
When buying a Maine Coon Kitten from us, you can expect to be asked to pay anywhere between $1000 – $2000 for one in general. Male or female Maine Coon Kittens, 10 weeks old, purebred, blue and white
I live in an Apartment, Can I adopt a cat?
If you live somewhere with minimal access to the outdoors, you may still be able to adopt a cat. Cats that have to remain indoors for health issues such as poor vision or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) still make great companions. Some older or more timid cats can often live as an indoor cat very successfully. There are products that can be used to screen windows so that you can safely provide your cat with fresh air. Remember to never let your cat out onto a narrow ledge or balcony, as heights are a risk for all animals.
I live near a main road. Can I adopt a cat?
All cats are different and you may find that you’re still able to adopt a cat in this circumstance. Talk through your situation with someone from your local branch or centre and they’ll be able to advise you further. For example, they may have a cat that would suit an indoor lifestyle or who will be happy staying close to home.
Would it be better to adopt a male or female cat?
Both male and female cats make great pets and there are only a few differences between them. The main differences between the genders are:

  • males are usually slightly larger than females
  • unneutered males can develop habits such as wandering away from home, urine spraying and fighting
  • unneutered females can be very vocal when they come into season. They can also become pregnant early in their lives

This is why Cats Protection will neuter all cats, both males and females, before they go home (or in the case of young kittens provide the new owners with the means to neuter via a local vet as soon as the kitten is big enough). Neutering is a kind act as it prevents many unwanted behaviours and unwanted kittens.

Wondering whether you should get a male or female cat if you already have a cat at home? If you have a neutered and sociable male cat, a young neutered female may be the best choice to avoid conflict.

Can I adopt a cat if I have children?
This depends completely on the cat’s character. Some cats can integrate particularly well into families, while others will be nervous around children. Cats Protection will discuss with you which cats in care would be most likely to settle with children. There are great benefits for children growing up with cats – having a pet can teach them compassion as well as a sense of responsibility. Find out more about adopting a cat with young children in our guide.

Cat Adoption Info

With many kittens and cats needing homes, there are countless cats waiting for an owner to give them love, care and attention. We aim to make sure all cats and kittens in our care are ready for their new homes.

Cat Health & Care

Make sure your cat is neutered and microchipped as well as vaccinated, treated against parasites and regularly seen by a vet. Maine coon kittens/cats should receive regular booster vaccinations to maintain their protection.